Why I Legally Changed My Name

'How can a name have an influence on me?' were my thoughts about the whole thing because surely, how can the name we were given at birth influence us in our lives? It is just a name, a combination of letters. How can it have an influence on who we are? Well, that was something I thought before seeing someone who worked with names, the energies and the planets and she totally just described who I am based on my name and my birthday. That was crazy!

The struggles she said I have in my life matched the struggles I was actually experiencing. It was incredible how she was able to pin point where my struggles in life were. I was so fascinated and wanted to give it a try. To change it and see what effect it would have.

Letters are energies and letters put together to a name make different energies. As far as I know, it could be wrong, but no name or letter has a bad energy it simply depends on the person and how they work and not work with that energy + how that name works with all the other energies from planets, date of birth and all that jazz.

The short answer: I wanted to. I have never been super attached to my name and I liked the idea of me choosing my own and the fact that it would also help me was just a huge bonus. It all really comes down to the fact that I wanted to. I was so curious as to what would happen if I changed my name, so I went for it.

I like it more than my old name. It is not that I hated my name or anything like that I just feel like now I have a name that is more me - which makes sense because the energy of the name I have now suits me better. I guess it all comes back to the energy and how well we work with the energy of the different names. I like the new name I was able to choose way better than my previous name.

I am able to close off other people's emotions/feelings/suffering/pain. Before I changed my name I had a hard time with my mental health. I was so affected by everyone around me because I had an energy where the energies from all the people around me went straight through me. I did not know what was mine and what was not and I was not able to close it off. That has changed since I changed my name and therefore also the energy attached to the name. The day I got the letter of my name change I felt a shift in my mental state. This may sound crazy but I could feel the change and now I am able to close on and off. I no longer feel out of control and overwhelmed when it comes to whether or not I want to feel others energies.

And because of all the above I feel better. I am longer overwhelmed questioning what I am feeling and going crazy over whether or not it is me or the people around me. My heavy mental state has lifted and I am able to be in my own feelings because that is all there is inside me. I feel lighter which makes me feel so much better.

And that is why I decided to change my name. Thank you so much for reading!