22 Things I Have Learned In 22 Years

As we grow older we learn new things either about ourselves, the world or life itself. It is impossible to go a life without learning. Learning is everywhere. The lessons we learn can be big, life changing, small or lifesaving but some lessons can also be; 'okay, cool, next'. And what you learned years ago may not be exactly the way you thought they were. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and therefore I bring you some new lessons from the past year to keep the series going. Watch part one and part two here. 

1. I have learned that life is too short to stay in this shell of mine. 

2. I have learned that all we have is the present moment. During this new year I have been more aware of the present moment. Slowing down and enjoying the moment is one of the biggest changes one can do

3. I have learned that I do not need to see myself from the perspective of others and uphold an illusion of who I should be for other people.

4. I have learned to be able to let go and open up my heart space instead of constantly closing it off which is something we are taught to do since we were kids.

5. I have learned that I like not shaving. I do not mind my growing body hair at all though I do still get self conscious about them which I would love to work on getting more comfortable about in the next year to come.

6. I have learned that letting go of perfection is liberating and I have started enjoying what I create, what I do and who I am so much more.

7. I have learned that social media is not just the devil but it also has amazing qualities as well. I have connected with some amazing people I would not have met if it wasn't for social media.

8. I have learned that online friends are just as valuable as 'regular' friends.

9. I have learned that a menstrual cup is absolutely amazing and my preferred period product

10. I have learned that I don't mind reading books on my phone. I absolutely love a physical copy of a book, turning the pages and the feel of the paper so I was hesitant to try eBooks. But I didn't hate it, in fact, I actually really liked it.

11. I have learned that I absolutely love the new music from Aly & AJ. I am currently loving their new EP 'Sanctuary' and especially the song Star Maps.

12. I have learned to start observing my destructive patterns and getting to the root of the cause and healing them rather than covering them up.

13. I have learned that I don't have to justify or explain my choices and I do not have to feel bad about refusing something that is seen as the norm.

14. I have learned that I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity meaning that I am very sensitive to smells and chemicals whether that be flowers, perfume or smoke. It sucks sometimes but that's just the way it is.

15. I have learned that it is can actually possible to find a thirfted bed in good condition. I had been wanting a new bigger bed for a while and I really wanted to find one second hand but I have to admit, I was a bit worried. With thifting, you cannot just go into the store and find exactly what you are looking for. It can take some time, in my case it actually only took about a month and then there it was; the size I wanted, it was in super good condition and I saved a ton of money compared to buying a new bed.

16. I have learned that running away does not solve the problem. In fact, it does the exact opposite growing bigger and bigger and it just gets worse the more time goes by if not dealt with. 

17. I have learned that the uncomfortable and uncertain feelings that appear when taking a chance are totally okay. They should not prevent me from taking a chance and doing what I want to do.

18. I have learned how important it is to set boundaries and not only that but also respect other people's boundaries. 

19. I have learned that we live in a very weird world and it's pretty fucked up - but there is definitely light and that's what we need to use to light up the shadows

20. I have learned that rest is just as important than the actual work itself and allowing myself to celebrate my success. 

21. I have learned that I do not need to go about life the same way other people do when I want to go another direction. Not that their or my way is wrong. 

22. I have learned it is okay to not enjoy the things I used to enjoy and it is okay to grow apart from people, experiences or things. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you again next week! If you want to I would love to read about some of the things you have learned the past year - comment down below.