5 Must Watch Vegan Videos (non-graphic)

Today, there are so many incredible and educational videos out there about the topic of veganism with so many reasons why to go vegan. That is one thing I love about the internet; how we are able to share. If it was not for the internet I don't think that I would be vegan today. I know that I can't say for sure but what led me to veganism was hearing the word (learn more about my journey to veganism here) and researching what exactly it was on the internet which led me to the first speech I will talk about below. 

1. The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - about an hour, non graphic
I heard this speech the same week I went fully vegan. This was the speech I needed in order to take the final step towards aligning my values with my lifestyle. I absolutely love this speech and the way Gary is able to deliver it in such a way that left me speechless and unable to do nothing other than to take the last step I needed. Such a logical point of view to the topic which is what also makes it so powerful. I am so grateful for taking the time to watch this because it changed my life.

2. Why Vegan? - about 5 minutes, non graphic
I love how simple yet effective this video is. It is under 5 minutes yet tells a whole story of why you should go vegan. We do not need to use animals for food, clothing or any other products for that matter. It is simply nothing but cruel. If you ever ask why you would ever go vegan, if you ever ask why someone would ever make the change to leave the animal products behind then you should consider pressing play and watch this video.

3. You Will Never Look At Your Life The Same Way Again - 30 minutes, non graphic
Which is completely true. Once you have watched this 30 minute video you will have a lot of questions about the life you live and the choices you make. I watched this speech last year while I was fully vegan yet it has still had an impact on me. Ed is so well spoken and I find it to be a very eye opening speech that will have an effect on many people. You should watch this because you will not be able to look at animal products the same way again. It will open your eyes to why animal products are wrong and make you take a step back and think about your life - and not only yours but also the innocent animal lives.

4. Dairy Is Scary - 5 minutes
This video is 5 minutes so there is no excuse for not watching it. It is so short yet so powerful. If you have ever wondered about what happens to dairy cows, not to mention the calves and how it's  considered a faith worse than death then this is the video for you. If you drink milk or eat any other dairy products you should watch this video that explains what happens in the process of getting the dairy to the stores before you can spend your money on it.

5. Vegan 2018: the film - an hour, non graphic
I know we are basically half into 2019 but I think these videos are super important to share because they show the progress of a growing movement - so if you ever feel like nothing is happening anyway, here is the proof that changes are actually happening.
Every year Plant Based News makes a recap video on Youtube sharing the news from the plant based world and how it is growing. It is so amazing to see what is happening and how the movement is evolving. The film shows the incredible change happening in the world because the future is vegan. And if you ever doubt what can change and the impact it can have to ditch the animals products then these videos are the proof that we are moving towards a cruelty free world where no animals are being used for products. You can make a change!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to maybe have inspired you to watch not all of them but at least one because they are all life changing - or at least they have the possibility of being so.