5 Things That Calm Me Down

I try my best to be in the moment and observe instead of going into the ego and fear based mind-set where anxiety and worries are created. But sometimes I do find myself in situations where I feel uncomfortable, anxious or worried, I am after all, still learning. By letting go of the ego with the negative patterns, my anxiety and overall worries have started to decrease both in times that they occur and how strong they are. But for the times when I still feel something destructive I have a couple of ways to calm myself and to return to the power of now, to the silence and to myself:

Whenever you are anxious, stressed or worried you are not grounded. Check out my post where I share how I get grounded.

1. Breathing, in and out:
This sounds incredibly simple and probably an advice you find everywhere when you look for calming things to do but it works. When you find yourself in a stressful situation have you ever noticed how it affects your breathing? Whenever I am stressed I actually hold my breath. And that does nothing to help the situation because my body needs air. This is definitely the first thing to do once you find yourself in an anxious situation. Breathe.

2. Observe
This is a simple thing you can do if you feel anxious, worried or nervous. I did this before my exam one year and it really helped. The thing you do is to just observe. Look around you and start saying what you see, say nothing other than the object and/or their color. "I see a tree, it is green and brown. I see a house, it is yellow. I see a lamp, I see a chair" Keep observing what you see and state it out loud (or whisper if there are other people near you). This will take your mind out of the destructive pattern and thoughts of getting yourself more and more anxious/worried/nervous and into the moment and yourself.

3. Tapping
An incredible woman once told me as we were talking about my anxiety that I could tap on the outside of my hand which sends calming signals to the rest of my body. And it works, it instantly relaxes my shoulders and sends a calming sensation through my stomach. Tap on both sides, once after the other for a couple of minutes and feel the relief.
This is a good one when I am out with other people, in a public setting but I also love using it when I am about to go to sleep laying in my bed because it calms me down. This tips has also helped me in exam situations where I get overwhelmed. See the picture above for where to tap.

4. Meditation
Meditation is nothing other than bringing your awareness to the present. When you are anxious, worried or scared you are the exact opposite of present. When my mind starts to spin and I feel like it is impossible to get out of the downward going spiral I close my eyes and bring my awareness to the present. Focus on my stomach going in an out and how every single cell in my body is vibrating with life. Meditation takes me out of my mind and into the Being. I use meditation to prevent stress and anxiety and in situations where I feel the spiral starting.

5. (Instrumental) Music
Whenever stress or anxiety takes over it means that the mind, your inner roommate, is in control. The thoughts roll and they seem impossible to let go of. If you find it hard to focus on your breathing, try listening to calming music. I can really recommend Enya who makes the most amazingly calming music where she sings. You can also find incredible instrumental music - there are tons of it on youtube. Focus on the music and it will bring you out of the spinning mind.  To make it even stronger take the music with you on a walk in nature to really get grounded. 

These are the things helping me whenever I feel overwhelmed by pressure, anxiety or worry. I do not only do these things whenever I feel overwhelmed but I also like to practice these tips in my everyday life to prevent the mind from taking over. Thank you so much for reading and let me know what calms you in the comments below.