Saturday, 18 May 2019

Easy Ways To Help The Planet

When helping the planet and lowering our impact there are a lot of small things we can do. Because even the smallest change can help. We do not need a small portion of people doing the low waste lifestyle perfectly, we need a lot of people doing what they can. It is not possible to live completely without waste however it is possible to lower your impact on the planet as much as possible in the given situation that we are in. And there is always something we can do.

So, let's get into some of the absolute core basics when it comes to what we can do to help the planet and lower our impact:

Are the clothes 'dirty'?
Don't throw your clothes into the wash after wearing it once when it is clean. Does it have a stain? Does it smell? If the answer to those are no then save the wash and put it back into your closet. This is something that is so common which I do not really understand; that people throw things into the wash after wearing it for a day without the clothing needing it. There is absolutely no need to wash your clothing if it is clean - wait until it is actually 'dirty' and save the planet a lot of water, energy and unsustainable detergents if you use that.

Turn off the water
This is also a really simple thing change that a lot of people tend to do; letting the water run while you brush your teeth or while you shampoo your hair and body. Especially while brushing your teeth, there is absolutely no reason to keep the water running and it is so wasteful. Turn off the water when you are not using it to save, of course, water but also money.

Turn the lights off when you leave a room
The other day I noticed that once we have had dinner and is done in the kitchen we still leave the lights on until we go to bed. Why is it we keep the lights on? It is just a habit and it is easy to enter the kitchen when it starts to get dark. But there is really not much effort in turning on the lights when we enter a room and turning them off again when we leave the room. Not only will you save energy and resources but you will also save money when it comes to the bills.

Check the thrift store first
When you find yourself needing something, instead of going straight to a store and find the item new, try to look at your local thrift store to see if they have it. There has been so many times in my transition period towards only buying second hand where I thought I would just look at the thrift store just in case they had something and I could avoid a new item and they almost always had what I needed. You can save a lot of money and a lot of resources if you just check the thrift store first. Of course you will not always find what you are looking for but it is definitely worth a try.

Bring a container for left overs
When you go out to eat and if you do not tend to finish your meal then bring your own container to carry the leftovers home instead of the styrofoam and plastic bag restaurants use for take away that is so incredibly wasteful. If you also like to drink with a straw, bring a reusable straw with you so you can save the earth from even more plastic. 

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