Why I Drink Celery Juice

Some of you may know that I follow the Medical Medium protocol. It is not something I talk about here but it is something I want to open up and share more about because it has changed my life drastically - for the better. A thing Anthony (The man behind Medical Medium) continuously shares a lot about is celery juice and its healing powers.
As mentioned, I have been following the Medical Medium protocol for over a year now but I have only been drinking celery juice since November last year and despite the fact that it is not the most appetizing flavor in the world my body is literally craving it and the benefits are incredible and life changing!

Here are the reasons why I drink celery juice every morning before breakfast:

My mind is less foggy: I am no longer dizzy, no longer find myself being disoriented. I also have a way better memory. There is really nothing more to it than the fact that I no longer find myself forgetting how, what, why and my mind is clearer.

I have way less acne: both on my body and face which is incredible! Acne is something I have struggled with for many years and always been very insecure about and I have tried everything and the only thing that has worked is this protocol. Not only have the protocol with fruits and veggies worked but the past few months of celery juice has kicked the healing process up a notch and I love it!

I have less inflammation: for over two years I needed to blow my nose several times when I woke up and I would sneeze at least 15 times. For over two years I would be in a constant state of a running nose like I was constantly sick - which I was, but surely I didn't have a cold for a two year period? I honestly don't know but now, there is barely anything! I no longer have to blow my nose and I do no longer feel filled with mucus.

I have not had a migraine attack: where my hand and leg would go numb and I couldn't speak, since following the Medical Medium protocol. My migraine attacks were horrible and I was so incredibly afraid of them. This is probably one of the best things that have disappeared since following this protocol and I feel liberated!

My daily headaches are also gone: which is one of the most freeing things in the world! A couple of years ago there would not be a day when I did not have a headache. I constantly took painkillers - so many I took more and more at once and they stopped working. Today I rarely have a headache and it is incredible!

My period cramps have improved by miles and my PMS is basically gone. I also used to fear my period. The thought of starting my period soon scared the shit out of me because I would be in excruciating pain, crying in my bed for it to stop, taking painkillers. Today there are still cramps but I no longer need painkillers, the cramps are bearable, I no longer fear my period and PMS no longer rule my life.

I no longer have nose bleeds: which I used to have every week.

I no longer have problems with my HUGE mood swings that did not make me a nice person to be around.. I am no longer controlled by my mood changing drastically every 5-10 minutes. It was absolutely unbearable and I was not able to do anything to stop it. Today I have normal ups and downs in my mood and the constant restlessness is also gone.

My sleep has improved: I sleep so much better but not only that but it is also easier to fall asleep. The sleepless nights are down to an absolute minimum and I feel rested in the morning.

My skin is no longer itchy and dry: I no longer have to constantly use creams for my hands and chapsticks for my lips. I no longer have dry heels and elbows and my skin is more elastic and soft. My hair and nails are also so much stronger, smoother  and healthier. 

I no longer have trouble breathing properly and I am less anxious. I used to find myself holding my breath and unable to take proper deep breaths. This has led me to be less anxious and able to be present.

My digestion has improved tremendously: it feels like the inside of my body is working better and the trips to the toilet are so much better and no longer painful or constipated.

I do still struggle with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity which has gotten worse over the years but I hope that the more I cleanse the toxins from my body the more I will heal from this. That said, I am free of so many problems that were a daily struggle, something I just had to learn to live with - like the doctor said when I was being scanned for my migraines and daily headaches - take a pill and learn to live with it because it's not that bad.

But we do not have to learn to live with whatever we are struggling with. We are able to heal. And that is why I drink celery juice every morning before breakfast.