Sustainable Straw Guide

I have not used a plastic straw in several years now and it is definitely one of the easiest swaps to make in order to keep plastic straws out of the oceans and out of sea animals bodies saving them from a lot of pain. 1 billion plastic straws are used daily and they will most likely end up in the oceans polluting our water and hurting the animals under sea. There are also 8.2 billion plastic straws covering the coastlines of the world which is so unnecessary when the swab is so easy to make.

Straws might not be the biggest sinner when it comes to the plastic in the oceans but it does still contribute to the horrible pollution of the sea. The straws break down into toxic microplastics and you can learn more about the plastic problem right here.

A reusable straw is a very simple and easy swab to make. These are my thoughts and the pros/cons I have experienced while using the different materials - you are definitely able to find people who thinks what is a con for me is a pro for them so do keep in mind that these are (mostly) my opinions. The three materials I am going to talk about are metal, bamboo and glass. These are the three materials I have tried. 

Let's get into it!

Glass straw: was the first straw I tried many years ago to replace the plastic straw. I love using a glass straw when I drink smoothies and thick drinks. I am not the biggest fan of using them when I drink thin liquids as the material is so thick.   

  • Easy to see if it has been completely cleaned
  • Odor and color resistant
  • Glass can be recycle again and again without the material weakening
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Breakable - I have smashed one glass straw dropping it on the floor (I have heard of others who have dropped their glass straw and it did not break)
  • Thicker in material (I like the material to be as thin as possible like the plastic straws)
  • Adaptable to heat/cold

If you are interested in a glass straw you can find them right here or here. - (Danish link)

Bamboo straw: was the second reusable straw I tried and even though the bamboo material is also on the thicker side, I prefer using the bamboo straw for water and other thin drinks - maybe that has something to do with the fact that the diameter of the straw I bought is small and therefore it is hard to use with thick drinks. 

  • Biodegradable
  • Does not break (although I have heard that once it is very used it can weaken in material and break if dropped on the ground)
  • Does not change temperature depending on what you drink (hot/cold)
  • Does not take many resources to create
  • Dishwasher safe (but it does shorten the lifespan)

  • Easily colored (a blueberry smoothie turns the straw purple)
  • Takes scent from what you are drinking (for example when drinking celery juice)
  • Hard to see if the straw is completely clean
  • Does not hold long term, you will need to change the bamboo straw after some years
  • Like the glass, the bamboo straw is thicker in material

If you are interested in a bamboo straw you can find them right here. - (Danish link)

Metal straw: was the last reusable straw I got my hands on and I can use this material with both thick and thin liquids which is definitely a huge plus as I do not have to switch straw depending on the drink - so on that front the metal straw is definitely my favorite. 

  • Does not break
  • Odor and color resistant
  • Last forever and easy to maintain
  • I can easily see down the straw to see if it has been properly cleaned
  • No metal taste to the straw (but I have heard that some straws have a metal taste so I think that depends on the brand)
  • Dishwasher safe

  • The metal against the teeth. This is not really something I have a problem with but it is something that some people do not like so I thought I would mention it.
  • The material will adapt the hot/cold liquid you are drinking.

If you are interested in a metal straw you can find them right here. - (Danish link

Which one do I prefer?
I actually like all of them for different reasons - there is not a straw that I'm like 'I will never use that again' but I have to say that my favorite to use is the metal straw. It is easy to see if cleaned properly, it does not break and will most definitely out live me. I love the thin material and it was also the cheapest straw in terms of money. 

No matter what material you are going for, it is definitely a good idea to invest in a reusable straw (not that they are even that expensive) because you will save the planet from plastic and therefore also save the animals under the sea ingesting the plastic.