How To Use Soap Nuts // Sustainable Washing Alternative

Another way to lower my waste and negative impact on the planet? Bring it!

So many people use unnecessary fabric softeners and harsh detergents polluting the hell out of the water on this planet. A natural solution that is biodegradable and does the job of washing clothing and other fabric items perfectly is soap nuts. Are you intrigued? I know I was. Not only are they amazing for the planet but they are also fragrance free and hypoallergenic friendly making them one of the best alternative for someone like me with Multiple Chemical Sensitivites.

Soap nuts are a sustainable way of washing your clothes that does not pollute the water and one of the best things is the fact that they are biodegradable so you can place them in your compost. You can find the brand of soap nuts I use right here. (Find the Danish link right here.) - this brand is vegan and certified organic. The only thing I am not loving about it is the plastic bag they come in...

How to use the soap nuts
You can use the soap nuts in washes between 30 - 90 degrees Celsius. The warm temperature is what creates the soap from the nuts cleaning the clothing. (I have used them in a wash at 20 degrees and they worked perfectly fine). Store the nuts dry and out of reach of children and pets - we have placed them in an old coconut oil glass container in a dark cabinet.

Between a 30 - 60 degree wash you can reuse the nuts up to five times. It is time to change the nuts when the inside of the shells turns matt beige or grey. At a temperature over 60 degrees you can reuse the nuts once.
Place 3-4 nuts (I usually use 3) in a small cotton bag and use the palm of your hand to crush the nuts. Throw the bag into the wash along with your clothes and wash away like you normally would without adding any washing powder or softener which is not necessary.

If you have a persistent stain use a enviromentally friendly diswashing liquid, rub gently into the fabric and wash in the mashine with the nuts.

So, this is how to use the soap nuts - they are super easy to use and it feels great to know that when washing I am not polluting the earth and the water with chemicals. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you again soon! 

Have you ever heard about soap nuts and would you like to give them a try?