My Sustainable Wardrobe

This post is created in collaboration with Organic Basics for their Low Impact Project. They have been so kind to gift me some products to try however all opinions are mine. This post contains affiliate links meaning that at no additional cost to you I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my link. The links will be marked with a *. 

I absolute love to learn new ways to minimize my impact on the planet. This might sound weird but it is actually a big hobby of mine to research, watch videos and learn about ways to lower my waste and impact on the planet and one of the ways we can do that is to look at what we wear. 

Yes, having a sustainable wardrobe or at least making an effort into creating a more eco-friendly closet is super important! Why? Because the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and wasteful industries second only to the oil industry. The fashion industry is dirty!

The industry creates a yearly amount of 1,2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and that's more that international flights and the maritime shipping combined! 

So it is safe to say that the way we use and discard clothing today is too unsustainable and our planet cannot keep up. We have to do something and you have some of the power. You choose what you want to see more of; you vote with your money. Vote on something that does not hurt the planet, the people and the animals. 

That's just one of the many reasons why I love Organic Basics; they are carbon neutral but their workers are also treated fairly and they earn a fair living wage, their products are organic and their focus is on helping out the planet which is rare in today's fashion industry! And let's not forget their plastic free packaging - yes please!

Let's get into how I keep my wardrobe ethical and as sustainable as possible:

There are many areas in my life where I try my best to reduce my impact on the planet and one of them is with my wardrobe. We need to wear something but what we choose to put on is so much more than the fabric sewn together. So many resources, energy, water, transportation, go into creating a piece of clothing and therefore it is so important to be mindful of who you choose to support.

Every single item in my wardrobe is thrifted (with the exception of my basics - more on that below). Thrifting is an easy way of reducing waste and help out the planet. By buying second hand you do not create a demand for constantly creating new products, you do not contribute to the pollution of the planet and you do not support (child) slave labor! If you want to know more click here for more information on ethical fashion and why I thrift.  

My wardrobe currently consists of:

  • 7 t-shirts (3 of them to wear to bed in the summer)
  • 1 sleeveless top
  • 2 knitted sweaters
  • 4 long sleeved shirts
  • 2 hoodies
  • 1 skirt
  • 4 pants
  • 4 shorts (a few of them for workouts and wear to bed in the summer)

I like to keep my wardrobe on the minimal side with only items I need. This not only saves me money because I buy only what I need but I use everything I have. Nothing is lying in the back of my closet, never been worn because I forgot about it. The most sustainable thing you can do is refuse what you don't need.

If you want to know how to build and ethical closet with even more tips then click here. 

I am not really interested in fashion and creating a certain style. All I want for my clothing is the fact that they are comfortable and spark joy and there are definitely many pieces that do just that. Here are some of my favorite pieces from my thrifted wardrobe that I wear incredibly often:

As mentioned in a previous post I do not thrift my underwear. Instead I go for a sustainable company, Organic Basics*, that help out the planet, treat their workers right with a fair living wage and are completely transparent in terms of the factories in which their products are made, their material and their impact on the planet.

That is so refreshing! And it makes it so much easier as a consumer to know what you are supporting and to know that they care.

I get all my basics from Organic Basics*:

  • Soft bras: (these I can also be lucky to thrift) I love their silvertech basic bra* which such a great fit and soft material. I have not worn a wire bra in years because these soft bras are so much more comfortable. 
  • Bottoms: I use their men's underwear* and they are incredible! I'm never going back to fast fashion bottoms because the fit, the quality and they do not irritate my skin, they are everything! I have also tried their women's bottoms and they are great too (read more here). 
  • Socks: (these I can also be lucky to thrift) I have been using their organic socks* for a couple of years now and they are still super soft!
  • T-shirts: I love to wear these organic basic tees* to bed in the summer but they are definitely also an everyday item to wear. 

One thing Organic Basics* absolutely nails is the quality. The quality is insane! I have never experienced such soft fabric and their products last which makes their products even more sustainable because you do not constantly have to keep renewing the items.

I cannot recommend this company enough and if you would like to try them out, I have a discount code so you can get 10% off your first order - use the code SOLUUNAOBC during checkout (and within Denmark there is free shipping on orders above 500DKK).

Want to wash your clothes sustainably? Check out my post here on how to use soap nuts for an eco-friendly way to wash your clothes.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has inspired you to be more mindful of what items you bring into your wardrobe as the industry has a big dirty impact on the planet creating a lot of waste.