I Tried Using Lemon As Deodorant

As I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) which means that I am sensitive to smells and chemicals I cannot use regular (cruelty free and vegan) deodorants so that means I have to look the completely natural and homemade way. I am pretty used to that since I have been using a homemade deodorant for many years now and it works pretty well for me. 

I really did have no intention of changing up my deodorant but then the glass jar filled with a fresh batch of the mixture was lying on the floor in many pieces so I guess the universe had a different idea. 

It was actually my mother who tried this first and she has been loving it for a few months now so I wanted to give it a go as I was too lazy to make another batch of deodorant (not that there is much effort needed, haha..)

So, what is this using lemon as deodorant all about? 

When I first heard this from my mom I thought she was kidding. But it is literally just using a small slice of (organic) lemon juice and rubbing in on the armpit area.. and it was supposed to keep you smell free. Okay, that sounds a bit too good to be true. But is it?

A few things before I talk about my experience: 
  • I have not used a regular chemically filled deodorant for years so therefore I have experienced a detox period. You will have a detox period if you go from a regular deodorant to such a natural alternative. 

  • I eat a vegan wholefoods diet with lots of fruit and veggies which does have a huge impact on sweat and sweating in general - at least that's my experience. 

  • I do not shave my underarms which some people think make you smell more but in my case (and in my mother's + a few other women I know) it actually does the exact opposite. I smell less with hair under my arms.

I was super excited to try this! So let's get into the details of how it works and if it works:

Before my shower, I cut a piece of (organic) lemon, took it with me into the bathroom along with the rest of my stuff and showered like I always do. When I was done and ready to use it, I dried my armpits and applied the lemon in circular movements leaving lemon juice on the area. I let it dry for a few minutes while drying my hair and opening the window.

To prevent any lemon pieces to get stuck in the hair I squeezed out the lemon juice in my hand and applied the juice to my armpit. Now all there is to do is wait and see if it works. 

How long does it last? If at all? 

4 hours later I decided to do a smell test to see if it was working. This was a very hot day, I had been cycling in very windy weather, so I had been sweating a bit. But I did not smell. At all. 

8 hours later it was still hot outside, I was very warm yet there was still no smell. 

12 hours later and still nothing. I was excited to see if I needed to reapply in the morning. 

24 hours later, the next morning and there is still, still no smell at all

and I literally sit here writing this 3 days later with oily hair, I have been sweating a fair amount from dancing and doing some movement yet I literally do not smell at all. I don't really know for how long I will keep going because it would be nice to shower, haha. But I am incredibly impressed!

As I mentioned, in these three days the weather has been warm, I have been cycling and raised my heart rate while dancing - but I will not say that I have been profusely sweating from a hardcore workout. 

I have now been using lemon as deodorant for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I can go days without smelling - I do however like to apply the lemon juice in the morning whenever I have to go out. Just clean the area with a wet cloth and afterwards reapply.

Since starting to use this lemon juice deodorant I have started working at a café again where I move around quite a bit - it gets me sweating a lot! When I'm done and doing a smell test there's only a faint smell of sweat when getting my nose down closely to the fabric of my clothes - you have to get really close so it's not like you can stand close to me and smell it.

However, I have found that if I apply the lemon just before heading to work then the only thing my shirt will smell of when I'm done with my shift is the deep fryer, haha.

I'm really impressed!

What is amazing about this 'deodorant'? 
  • It works wonderfully!
  • It is super easy to use
  • It is completely natural, low waste and vegan friendly
  • There are no deodorant marks on clothing

Any cons? 
  • You have to create a new habit of remembering to bring it into the bathroom with you - it is also not the biggest deal to just wait and put it on after you are done. 
  • I don't know how big of a con this is because it has yet to bother me but as you rub the lemon - and especially if you have hair under your arms - some lemon pieces can come off which you kind of have to shake off. You can also prevent this by squeezing the lemon juice into your hands and apply to armpit.
  • As lemon is an acid it can sting with open cuts or I would imagine after shaving as shaving leaves cuts on the skin. I have only tried this method with hair under my arms. 

I am absolutely.. like, I am so surprised at how well this works for me but I am not mad about it, haha. This is such an easy way to use deodorant and to throw a lemon in my bag when I need to travel is so easy.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer and I hope to see you again soon.