Thrift Finds // Haulternative

Haulternative; as you can probably figure out by the name it is an alternative to the very consumerist haul that is ever so popular on the internet, especially on youtube where many people regularly buy things (I have even heard someone state that they didn't have a video idea so they went out and bought clothes for a haul - yes, you heard me right) to share with their audience. 

While it can be interesting to see purchases made by others to see if there is anything you might like, the standard haul also promotes a very capitalistic approach to material items. The very disposable approach where people buy items 'just because', 'it was too cheap not to get it' or 'it was on sale so why not?' rather that being mindful about the resources, the workers and the environment that is suffering.

To take a step back from the 'more the merrier' mindset, the fashion revolution created the haulternative to spread awareness for the environment and the workers risking their lives in sweatshops for the fast fashion industry. An alternative where people show second-hand, upcycled or swapped items to share that you do not need to buy new to enjoy or create a haul. 

This haulternative, as you can tell for the title, is all about thrifting! Over the last few months I have picked up some gold that has been on my list for a while so why don't we just jump into the it?: 

Flowy pants
When I saw these pants at the thrift store I knew I had to try them on! My absolute favorite thing to wear is flowy pants and these fit perfectly. These are from a high end indian brand, I cannot remember the name and I've cut out the tag (which is always the first thing I do when I get home) - they were on the more expensive side compared to the regular thrift price for pants - but of course, way less than buying them new.

Price: 13 USD // 88 DKK

Since we no longer own a car, I have to walk or take the bike when going out - or take the bus for when I go out of town. This means that I need something to pack things I need and for me it's not ideal to use a bag I have to carry. I therefore had to keep my eyes out for a backpack and this turned up not short after putting it on my wishlist.

Price: 6 USD // 40 DKK

Long sleeved shirt
My night wear consists of a black long sleeved shirt and some sweatpants and I was on the hunt for tops to sleep in. Not only is this perfect but it was also made with organic cotton - what a win! It is as good as new, it has not been worn a lot which along with the organic cotton just makes it super soft.

Price: 3,75 USD // 25 DKK

Shoes are an item I have a hard time finding at the thrift store so I take what I can get haha. These lace shoes are not the best quality but they were my size and had not been used + they were super cheap. They are great in the summer as they are very airy and I like wearing them to work where I move a lot.

Price: 3 USD // 20 DKK

I had some drawing that I really wanted to hang up on my walls so I had to keep my eyes open for brown wooden frames which I found quite easily. That's a thing I have found there to be a lot of at the thrift stores; frames in many different sizes and materials, so there's definitely something if that's what you are on the hunt for. 

Price: from 1,50 - 7,50 USD // 10 - 50 DKK

I have been loving decorating my room after a little of a year with bare walls. I fell in love with these simple wooden frames with the cool nature photo inside. These were definitely on the expensive side but I was so in love that I had to get them - and I don't think it's as much as they would have cost buying them new. What I think is cools is that the frames were handmade here in Denmark.

Price for all three: 22,50 USD // 150 DKK

So this was all from this haulternative which I hope can inspire you to do some (more) thrifting. I have not been to a regular store to buy clothing or decor for over a year now so it is definitely possible to bring more thrifted items into your home - maybe even just build it from thrifted items. If there is something specific you are looking for them you might need some patiens but for me it's definitely worth it.