1 Year Of Minimalism // Biggest Lessons

I have decluttered my space for several years now but it wasn't until last year I started practicing minimalism and during this year I have learned so incredibly much for which I am so thankful for. This is probably going to go well below the surface and into some deep stuff but that's the thing with minimalism. Which is not what I thought it would be before starting. Instead, I thought that minimalism was just about the physical stuff around you. To declutter the belongings that you have. But it is so much more than that.

I absolutely love minimalism
Minimalism has been a huge factor in where I am today and how I have been able to break free of my constant need to be perfect and therefore also break down the illusion of who I was to others and how I wanted to be perceived. I am so incredibly grateful for crossing my path with this practice and even if I wasn't on board the first time I discovered it, I definitely am now and I am grateful for my process getting there in my own time.

Not a set of rules or a template to follow
Minimalism is not a specific template to bring down onto your life as it can be portrayed in the media. All minimalism really is, is being more mindful about what you surround yourself with and what you bring into your space. No matter where you are or what your life situation is you can bring this practice into your life letting go of what does not serve you.

Because minimalism is not about having under 50 items. Minimalism is not about being able to fit what you own into a backpack. And minimalism is also not about throwing everything you own out. Minimalism, in it's core, is being more mindful of your surroundings and to not bring something into your life that does not add anything to it.

So, if you love your book collection or any other collection and it adds joy to your life, you don't have to get rid of it to be 'more minimalistic' or because that's what it means to be minimalistic. You are allowed to surround yourself with things. Just make sure they bring you joy.

You have to be ready to let go
A minimalistic lifestyle is not something that happens overnight. Sure, you can declutter your space overnight but the act of being more conscious of what you buy, confronting your coping mechanisms and observing your destructive habits is a process. And you have to be ready and willing to do so - to get down into the heavy stuff. As I mentioned, I was not crazy about the idea of minimalism (because it was portrayed as the backpack life and only 50 belonging lifestyle - again, that's not the core of what minimalism is) but we are typically not on board with new concepts when we first learn about them. It is a seed planted that needs time to bloom and you are subconsciously getting ready for the magic to happen.

Minimalism brings value
Minimalism has made me see what is important in my life, what is essential and therefore I have been able to let go of what is not. I have been able to let go of everything that does not spark joy, that does not add value and everything that does not serve my highest good. This has brought me more time and energy to focus on what is essential to my life and what I actually want to do. Minimalism helps you let go of all the excess stuff you thought you needed but really just holds you down.

Minimalism is fun
When I decide to do something I go all in but no, that does not mean that I only have a backpack of belongings but it does mean that I left no corner untouched. I went through everything I owned, everything in my mind and everything surrounding me and minimized to what added value to my life. And along that way I found that minimalism is incredibly fun. I love to find more ways to minimize and I have never found myself to be restricted - because that's not how it's supposed to be.

Minimalism, as mentioned, is not a set of rules to follow. You simply start being more conscious of what you surround yourself with and what you bring into your life. Or who. Letting go can and is going to be tough when you start but once you experience the benefits it turns into fun.

Minimalism is a big factor in my mental health
This one is big. As mentioned, minimalism was a big factor in breaking down the layers of perfection around me and it has left me happier, calmer and with more clarity of what I want to do and what I don't want to spend my time on. Minimalism has helped me set boundaries while also making me less stressed and less anxious.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed by life and there seem to be nothing you can do to get on top of it I would definitely recommend looking into minimalism because it can help you get to the core of what matters to you - to find what is essential to you and filter out anything that is not.

It is not a miracle cure. It is going to be tough and you have to be ready to look some dark stuff in the eyes and be willing to let go. Because minimalism is so much more than decluttering the physical things around you. It is also about confronting your coping mechanism and to stop filling the constantly hollow hole that is within many of us with material items. 

This is some of the biggest lessons I have had in my first year of minimalism. Thank you for reading today's post. I really had fun writing it and looking back at all the steps and benefits I have encountered when diving into minimalism.