How I Healed My Acne (Naturally)

When it comes to acne there is no quick fix - at least not long term. That mircle cure that medicine started out to be slowly faded away once I stopped taking the harsh pills that made my skin dry and my body (severley) dehydrated. 

I have tried everything there is out there when it comes to acne treatments. I have tried all the scrubs and creams and products on the shelves from the harsh products to the natural solutions claiming to help with the sensitive and tight skin I found myself within.

When I stared this post on my Instagram and it was reposed by Medical Medium, the questions about how I got from before to after was huge with tons of messages asking for help. 

I would take a long time to answer in depth about everything that has helped me heal my acne to everyone who reached out to me - and not only a lot of time but also a lot of energy. So instead I sat down and brainstormed everything that has helped me and decided to share Instagram posts with my tips and do a story highlight with all the tips - find it on my profile, it's called 'healing acne'.

I also thought I would collect all my tips here in one blog post so you can have it all in one place making it easier to get an overview of what I have done. (There might come a part two).

These are the things I have done that have helped heal my acne: 

Acne healing, tip #1: Lemon water.

It is so (SO) important to stay hydrated and lemon is amazing for the liver and to detox your body. My skin LOVES when I drink lots of lemon water and I typically drink 3/4 (5 on my period) of these big glasses per day.

This will mean that you will pee more but in exchange you will be hydrated making your skin softer and find it's glow (my eyes also glow more). Not only that but the lemon water will help flush out toxins in your body and help heal your acne.

The first tip is simple. Your skin NEEDS water to heal but make sure to make it so called 'living water' by adding berries, lemons, cucumber or fresh herbs like lemon balm or mint. I recommend lemon as it has the most powerful effect for my skin. 

Acne healing, tip #2: avoiding no go's

Here are all the foods I do not eat to heal my acne. The reason I do not eat these foods are because they feed the strep and/or the ebv in my body making them stronger and therefore cause my acne. These foods also make my period cramps worse. 

This list is from Medical Medium's first book under chapter 'What Not To Eat' - (read more about why in the book):
  • Animal products; meat, dairy, eggs (I do not eat honey because I'm vegan but it is not a no go)
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Corn - every corn product!
  • Canola oil
  • Refined sugar of any kind as well as stevia
  • MSG - an additive added in a lot of food products today
  • Natural and artificial aromas - everything called 'aroma' is a hidden msg
  • Artificial sweeteners (contains the toxic aspartame)
  • Citric acid (an additive in many food products today)
  • Alcohol

Any food that contain any of these ingredients - I do not eat it, ever. That does mean that, yes, I do not eat a lot of processed foods as these things are in a lot of what can be found today! I make almost every food I eat myself.

These following foods are not no go's but they do make my strep flare up:

  • Oats
  • Legumes
  • Any gluten free flour
  • Quinoa
  • Chickpeas or any beans or lentils
  • Cacao 
  • (White) rice

When my strep is gone (as much as it can be) I'm planning om introducing chickpeas, quinoa and maybe a few oats here and there in my diet. 

You do not have to cut these completely out of your diet if you do not want to. The more you avoid these foods the faster your skin will be able to heal but if you cannot cut all of them out then doing the best you can is just as fine as well!

Healing acne, tip #3: fresh air and move your body

The mind also plays a big role in your physical health and that includes your skin. Taking care of your mental health is important, as stress and anxiety are triggers for acne flare-ups. Make sure to get lots of fresh air in nature and to move your body. Getting some sun is also a great idea as it has many healing powers.

I am not necessarily saying to do hardcore workouts because that’s not for everyone - it's not for me. Instead, I make sure to walk every day, bike to work and other places I need to go in my city. I also do a bit of yoga and dancing in my room to good music! A thing that I have also implemented in my routine is to walk barefoot in our garden every morning after I wake up - it's amazing for the mental state, you ground yourself and the earth has great healing powers!

Whatever you do, getting your heartrate up will help with your glow, the blood circulation and the healing of your skin. To move your body and get some fresh air means to take care of your mental health which has an impact on your skin.

Acne healing, tip #4: foods that help my skin heal

I eat a lot of these foods (with the exception of the avocado (too expensive)) every day:
  • Strawberries (a handful in my heavy metal detox morning smoothie)
  • Cucumber (also in my morning smoothie and as a snack during the day. About a cucumber a day)
  • Melon (any type of melon) - mostry in the summer
  • Garlic - very antibacterial and great for killing strep (the cause of acne)
  • Apples (snack during the day)
  • Avocados - maybe once in the weekends
  • Spinach (A handful in my morning smoothie and for dinner with my potatoes)
  • Bananas (3 in my morning smoothie, 2 in my snack smoothie in the evening) - great for fighting strep
  • Cherries - mostly in the summer

But a diet high in fruit and vegetables and avoiding the no gos (see previous post) will do wonders for your skin.

Healing acne, tip #5: treating your skin 

I have tried lots and lots of creams and toners and scrubs, literally everything that's out there with no result other than it getting worse because of my sensitive skin. When I started to heal my skin from within with the foods I eat and drinking celey juice I tried to go back to basics with how I washed my face - and it helped a lot!

The only thing I use now is a wet wash cloth, gentle and in circular motions, whenever I'm taking a shower. No creams, no toners, no serums, no nothing. My skin needed a break from chemicals, even the so called natural stuff.

For about six months while my skin was healing and my acne got worse because of the detoxing I used aloe vera straight from the plant - this was amazing and I would totally recommend! Aloe vera is cooling, anti bacterial and hydrates the skin.

The most powerful aloe vera is the barbadensis miller, which is the one I used but any will do as long as they are called 'alo vera'. When my skin felt tight and red I would also take a few cucumber slices and massage them on my skin in circular motions.

No matter what you do, be gentle on your skin. It does not work to scrub as hard as you can - trust me, I have tried only scarring and upsetting my skin more.

You can see how to prepare the aloe vera for your skin in my story highligh 'healing acne' on my Instagram right here.  

Healing acne, tip #6: juices 

I did 5 months of celery juice which made my acne flare up - don't worry, this is normals as you are detoxing and removing the toxins from your body.

Then after 5 months I switched to cucumber juice which has also helped my skin a lot. But I'd definitely say that the celery did the deep work - I'm still doing cucumber juice but you can definitely also keep going with the celery juice.

It took a good year with no no go's and 5 months of celery juice before my skin started to heal - at least started to show it. Again, it is normal for the acne to get worse when you start the protocol because you are cleansing.

Have patience. Many times through the first year it felt like nothing happened and I wanted to quit. But your body is healing and while you may not see the result, it does not mean that nothing is happening - because it is!! Acne is rooted deep into your system and in order to have long term results, that's where the work needs to happen.

Know that you can heal but it will take time. 

Healing acne, tip #7: minimal fat and breakfast smoothie 

Eating minimal fat in my diet has helped my skin a lot!
Some days I even eat completely fat free because fat slows down the liver and a slow liver means a slow cleanse/detox.

Now I'm not saying that fats are bad, that you should never eat fats or anything like that. Because that's not true. At all. Fats like avocados, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts have great healing benefits and fats are important for my skin - they keep it smooth, soft and especially avocados give a certain glow.

I typically eat fat free until lunch and for breakfast I'm raw, drinking the the heavy metal detox smoothie (if you've had antibiotic in you're life, which is an acne cause, then this smoothie will help detox the heavy metals) - but if you keep your breakfast fat free then you are also doing your body a favor:

This smoothie contains: 
  • 3 bananas (4 small)
  • around 4-5 cm cucumber 
  • a handful of thawed strawberries
  • a handful of thawed wild blueberries
  • a handful or two of spinach 
  • a handful or two of parsley
  • a handful of coriander/cilantro
  • 1 tsp. Hawaiian spirulina 
  • 1 tsp. barley grass juice powder
  • 1 tsp. dulse
  • water to desired thickness

Healing acne, tip #8: sometimes my skin just breaks out and that's okay 

Many different factors come into play.

When my period is starting my skin will flare up. Sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much, but it will.

In periods where I'm stressed or find myself worrying it shows on my skin - and that's why taking care of my mental health is just as important when healing acne as the physical stuff - See tip #3.

If I accidentally eat soy or gluten - or knowingly do so - my skin wil also break out.

and you know what? that's okay.

Nothing good will come out of resistance, hatred or picking your skin apart. I know it's hard but try to accept the fact that just like you, your skin is on a journey that goes up and down

and thats okay.

Healing acne, tip #9: other tips

I just want to share some other smaller tips that have helped heal my skin:

  • Finish with cold water in the shower. This helps to cool the skin and better the bloodflow.
  • Try not to pick your skin. This only leads to scars which takes longer to heal.
  • Always, always be gentle on your skin and do not use any scrubs.
  • While healing my acne I did not use any makeup products and I still don't.
  • A simple, fragrance free as well as alcohol - and sls free shampoo has really helped my skin and I don't experience acne around my hairline.
  • If you want to do a face mask I would recommend using avocado before your shower. Let sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Sleep and getting enough of it is also important for your health and that includes your skin!
  • Whenever I shower, which is every other day, I change my pillowcase (I have 4 laying in my closet)

These are all the tips I have for healing acne. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that it can help you towards healthy skin. I wish you healing, I wish you all the best on your jouney and know that you are able to heal! And as mentioned, there might well come a part two in the future.